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School Supplies

The following are the teachers' recommendations for supplies according to grade level: 

Kindergarten: Markers (washable, wide tip), scissors (Fiskar blunt end), glue sticks (4 large - no glue pens or Elmer's), pencils (no.2 or husky/primary type),  crayons (no larger than 24 count),  colored pencils,  coins (31 pennies, 6 nickels, 10 dimes, 1 quarter), backpack, folder, 1 1/2  inch binder, 1 inch binder,  primary composition book, placemat (for snack time),  1 small recent picture of your child.  For classroom use: 1 large box of tissue. Please label everything!

Grade 1: Backpack, 12 - #2 pencils (sharpened please!),  4 glue sticks, 1 box of crayons
no larger than 24 count), 1 box of markers (washable and wide tip), 1 pair of scissors (blunt tip),  1 placemat (for snack time), 1 container of Clorox wipes,
1 large box of tissues, 1 roll of paper towels.  Please label everything!!

Grade 2: Pointed scissors, 3 folders w/pockets, zip lock baggies (sandwich & gallon size), glue sticks, 24 count crayons, 12 count colored pencils, 12 count thin markers, 1 pkg. loose leaf paper, rosary beads (not valuable), pencils (not mechanical), large eraser, 2 single subject notebooks, zipper-type SOFT pencil case, 2 box of tissues, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 container of Clorox wipes.  Please label everything!

Grade 3: Pointed scissors, 2 folders w/pockets, 4 single subject spiral (no binders) notebooks, red checking pen, loose leaf paper, glue sticks, 24 count crayons, colored pencils, thin markers, rosary beads (not “valuable”), pencils (not mechanical), large eraser, zipper-type pencil case, 2 box of tissues

Grades 4 & 5: Ruler, pencils (not mechanical), 2 red pens,blue and black pen, glue or glue stick, crayons, thin markers, colored pencils, highlighter, scissors, loose leaf paper, 8 single subject spiral notebooks, 3 subject notebook (4th grade) and one for English (both grades), 4 (different colors) folders w/pockets, 4 book covers, large eraser, plastic zippered supply case, compass, 2 box tissues, lysol wipes and 1 roll of paper towels

Grades 6 - 8: Ruler, pencils, pens (blue or black ink), red checking pen, erasers, loose leaf paper, glue or glue stick, crayons and markers, scissors, colored pencils, highlighter ,5 single subject spiral notebooks, 1-3 subject notebook (English), a 1 1/2” binder with dividers, 3 folders w/pockets, scientific calculator, protractor, compass, 3x5 note cards, 2 rolls of paper towels (one for homeroom and one for science), 2 box tissues

Grades 2 - 8: All students in grades 2-8 will be issued a standard student planner for assignments. Parents who wish to help defray this cost to the school should send $7.00 for each planner to the office at the start of school.

Some general suggestions from the teachers include:

  • Pencils should be #2 with erasers; mechanical pencils are not recommended.

  • Rulers should include both standard and metric measurements.

  • Folders should be different colors to help with organization.

  • Supplies should be labeled with student's name. It's also helpful to write younger children's names on labels of clothing-especially on gym day when all the uniforms in the locker room look the same! A bag for gym clothes.

  • Students will need to cover all hard backed textbooks. Brown bags work fine.

  • Teachers prefer the soft plastic pencil cases with zippers. The hard plastic boxes don't hold up when dropped and student supplies break and scatter.