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Dress Code

Saint Anne School Uniform Policy

Appropriate dress helps students foster a positive attitude about themselves and about school and learning.  
The uniform dress code is followed by all students in grades K through 8.  Our uniform provider is Educational Outfitters. 

2101 Greentree Road Suite A109
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone:  (412) 892-8810


Girls in grades K through 4 wear the uniform plaid jumper with either a white or blue Peter Pan collared blouse. 
The girls may also wear the navy pants/uniform shorts with school logo vest and uniform blouse.

Girls in grades 5 through 8 wear the plaid skirt and the white or light blue, banded polo with school logo or with the uniform blouse and vest.  Navy blue pants/uniform shorts may also be worn with the logo polo or blouse and vest. All girls in grades 5 through 8 must also have a school logo vest to be worn over the polo on Mass days and for other special events.  The vest may be worn over either the uniform school blouse or the logoed polo.

Sweaters are to be the uniform sweater in navy.  Girls are expected to wear the vest, sweater, or sweatshirt at all times.  If the sweater is worn as “outside” clothing and will be removed during the day, students must have a vest available. 

Please pay special attention to the length of skirts and shorts.  They should be no shorter than two inches above the knees and the waistbands should not be altered. 

Make-up is not permitted and no piercing other than earrings.


All boys (K-8) are required to wear navy pants/uniform shorts and either a white or light blue polo with the school logo. Boys must also have a white dress shirt and navy tie to wear for Mass and other special events.  Shirts should be tucked in and worn with a belt.  Cargo pants or cargo shorts are not permitted.


All clothing should be in good condition.  Over-sized clothing is NOT permitted.  

Boys and girls are to wear solid white or black sport shoes (in good condition).  High tops may NOT be worn - including boots; shoes must be completely tied.  (When looking for shoes, please keep in mind that sturdy tie-ons are best suited to the playground.  Sandals, clogs, high-heeled shoes are not permitted.) Socks are to be crew length or knee socks in white or navy.  No-show sport socks are not permitted.

In cold temperatures, students may wear either the school logo red or gray sweatshirt or a navy blue sweater.

For gym classes, students may wear sweat pants or gym shorts, T-shirts, and tennis shoes.  Children will not be permitted to participate without gym clothes.  Tank tops and shorts other than gym shorts are not permitted.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have a number of uniform jumpers and lots of blouses that have been gently worn.  There are also some boys pants and shirts.  If you’d like to see what’s available, please call the school office and arrange a time.  There is no cost for these items; all we ask is that you return the favor if you have anything usable that has been outgrown!