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We all know that technology plays a large role in everyone's lives.  It's unavoidable.  At Saint Anne School we focus first on our primary role, which is to provide a challenging, faith-based education.  However, we also employ a Director of Technology who, along with our faculty, provides a wide range of exposure to current technology so that our students are well-prepared for high school.

     Dedicated Technology Instructor
     New STREAM Lab and Science Lab
     Chrome books for Grades 5 through 8
     Kindles for Grades K through 4 (with gratitude to the                    Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation)
     Whole School Wireless Internet Access 
     Smart Boards in Every Classroom
     Littlebits
     Finch Robots
     BeeBots / BlueBots
     Scratch and Scratch Jr. Coding
     Document Cameras
     Student Electronic Response System
     Digital Camera and Recorder
     Online Math and Writing Programs