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Athletic Association Policies

The purpose of the St. Anne Athletic Association is to assist the principal in providing an athletic program for the students of the St. Anne School. The organization is responsible for following the directives set forth by the Department of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

By allowing your children to participate in the St. Anne School Athletic Association Sports Program, you hereby acknowledge and accept the policies and procedures stated below.

Basketball, Cheerleading, Track, Cross Country, Football and Volleyball are extracurricular activities. Participation is a privilege, not a right. All participants must adhere to the stated rules and regulations for the success of the overall program.

Parents are required to sign the Parent Participation Pledge mandated by the Diocesan Department for Catholic Schools.

Activities Fee

Each student athlete is required to pay an activities fee or participate in fund raising activities to offset the costs of operating this program.

Families with one child in program $50.00 (1st sport)
$20.00 for each additional sport
Families with more than one child in program First child - $50.00 (1st sport)
Second child - $40.00 (1st sport)
Third child - $25.00 (1st sport)
and $20.00 for each additional sport
Little Dribblers and Spirit Squad $25.00
(not included in family discount)


The Athletic Board schedules team and individual photographs for the Basketball, Cheerleading and Volleyball teams. The Athletic Board may include additional sports photos if warranted.

Attendance is mandatory. This is the official team photo, which appears in the school yearbook. This does not include Little Dribblers or Spirit Squad..

Family/Special Person Pass

Each family may purchase a season pass at a cost of $30.00. This pass covers admission for players, cheerleaders, their parents or guardians, and grade-school age siblings only. Pass holders must present his or her pass to gain free admittance to the gym.

All other visitors may purchase a Special Person Pass at a cost of $15.00. One Special Person Pass covers one person (adult sibling, grandparent, etc.).

These passes cover all basketball and volleyball games in our gym, including preseason, regular season, tournaments and exhibition games.

Passes are only available through the Treasurer of the Athletic Association.

Gym Entrance

Use the either the Rockwell Ave. or parking lot entrances for practices.

Use the Plaza entrance for games.

Gym Use

The head coach of the team assigned to the gym is responsible for the gym. No other teams or team members may use the gym until their assigned time. No team may use the gym without the knowledge and consent of the Athletic Director.


Parents and Guardians are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from practices and games. If a child is not going home with the person he or she arrived with, they must notify that person.


For practices, please have your child arrive 10 minutes before their allotted time and wait in the hallway or on the bleachers until practice starts. Again, no team may use the gym outside their regular practice time.

Please make every effort to pick your child up when their practice or game ends. Head coaches may not leave the school grounds until each child has left the school. Remember, these coaches are volunteers and are not paid. Have a contingency plan in case you are late.


Parents and Guardians are responsible for any damages incurred by their child.

Maintain good conduct at all times. Athletic Director will suspend coaches or team members who exhibit unsportsmanlike conduct from the next game. Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include, but are not limited to, profanity, destruction of property, and physical aggression. Coaches are required to report acts of misconduct to the Athletic Director and principal's office for appropriate action. Misconduct can result in suspension or expulsion from the athletic program.

During games, the building official will ask any coaches, non-participating players, or spectator moving onto the playing area in protest to leave the gym.

Please accept all decisions rendered by the referees and coaches. Your acceptance of their decisions will encourage your child to respect and admire these dedicated people. Exhibit adult, Christian conduct at all times.

Parental Concerns

Please do not confront a coach during or immediately after a game. Instead, schedule a meeting at the coach’s convenience with both the student and parent or guardian present. If a serious problem persists, please contact the Athletic Director or Principal.


Parents and Guardians are responsible for all siblings in the gym during games. This also applies to visiting guests. 

Due to the close proximity of the spectator bleachers to the playing area, Parents and Guardians should keep a close eye on their children’s movements to prevent them from being  hit by balls or run over by players. 

The stage area and plaza hall are off limits during games and practices.

Minimum Playing Time

Playing time is at the coach’s discretion. The coach may base playing time on ability, attendance at practices, enthusiasm, competitive spirit, physical conditioning, and game situations.

Coaches at the Varsity and JV levels should make every effort to include all players in games.

Instructional coaches should make every effort to provide equal playing time to all players in every game.

Tournaments and Competitions

Basketball and Volleyball teams are eligible for one home and two away tournaments.

Cheerleading squads are eligible for one home and two away competitions.

The Athletic Director may approve participation in additional away tournaments and competitions in special cases, such as playoff preparation, charity events, etc.


Parents, guardians and players are responsible for the uniform issued and the school will replace damaged or lost articles at their expense. 

Only wear uniforms during games. Team members should change out of their uniforms after the game. 

Head coaches are required to collect and return cleaned team uniforms to the Athletic Director at the end of the season.


All parents and guardians are required to volunteer at home games. Team representatives will send out schedules. Responsibilities include door admissions, 50/50 raffle, concessions, scorekeeper and timekeeper.

Volunteer parents should arrive 40 minutes before game time and are asked to stay after the last game to help fold up bleachers, sweep the floor and put away concession supplies. Please be as generous with your time as possible.

7th Grade Recognition

Active athletes participating in the Athletic Program for two years prior to 7th grade will receive an item of recognition. For athletes one year in the program prior to 7th grade, the Athletic Association will pay one-half of the items total cost. New athletes pay full cost.

8th Grade Recognition Night

The Athletic Association will recognize all 8th grade student athletes for all sports at a home Varsity basketball game late in the season. The Athletic Association will host a social in the school cafeteria following the game. All 8th grade student athletics and their families are welcome.

Team Recognition

Any Athletic Association sponsored team or squad that earns a team trophy will present the trophy to the principal to display in the school.

The school will purchase banners for Section Champions and teams making the Diocesan Finals in Basketball or Volleyball, if funds are available.

Extra Curricular Guidelines

The school strictly enforces guidelines regarding detentions and academic suspensions - with no exceptions and no discussions. Suspension from the athletic program means no attendance at games or practices during the suspended period. School and studies first, athletics second!

Students with a failing grade in one or more subjects are ineligible to participate in sports or any school sponsored activity for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, the principal may reinstate a student if they have improved their grades. The school evaluates grades at the midpoint and end of each grading period.

The school determines additional restrictions on eligibility based on a student’s adherence to the school’s practices and policies as determined by detentions. Students receive clear guidelines for behaviors that will receive detention from homeroom teachers on the first day of school. Multiple detentions for behavior will result in non-participation in school-sponsored activities. However, in the case of serious misconduct (for example, fighting or the destruction of property), these offenses require no repetition and will be dealt with immediately and appropriately.

If any behavior is so severe that it would require a school suspension, this automatically leads to a suspension of athletic program activities until administrative approval is given.


A student must attend school the entire day to participate in any practice or game that day. Please do not infect the entire team with an illness. Stay at home and recover.

It is the parents or guardians responsibility to notify the head coach if their child will not be attending a game or practice.

Parents should leave with their children promptly after practice. 

Parents are discouraged from sitting in the gym during practice. This causes a distraction for the coaches and players. Parents that choose to stay are encouraged to sit in the cafeteria.

Chronic absences from practice and/or poor conduct at practices or games are disciplinary issues. Coaches are to discuss such issues with the child and parent or guardian. The Principal deals with continued problems.

Participation/Medical Release

Basketball, Cheerleading, Track, Cross Country, Football and Volleyball are extracurricular activities. Participation is a privilege, not a right. All participants must adhere to the stated rules and regulations.

Parents are required to sign the Parent Participation Pledge mandated by the Diocesan Department for Catholic Schools.

An approved medical release form must be on file in the school office before any child may participate in practices or games.

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