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April Newsletter

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March 27, 2013

 Dear Parents,

 Well, I certainly set my hopes high in last month’s newsletter.  I really thought spring would be the end of the delays and obviously that was wrong.  But, I am really, really wishing this last Monday was the LAST delay for the school year.  The good news is that it looks like Option C has solved its server problems and the latest texts and voicemails were sent on time.   Maybe next year will work beautifully every time.

 Unfortunately, the last two Mondays were supposed to be Confessions for students in grades 3 through 8 and both times these needed to be cancelled.  We will try to re-schedule sometime after the Easter break. 

 APRIL CALENDAR:  School will reopen at the normal time on Tuesday, April 2.  Report cards will be sent home on this date and also students in grades K through 3 will have an Easter Egg Hunt.  There is an 11:30 dismissal on Friday, April 12.

 STANDARDIZED TESTING:  All students in grades K through 8 will participate in Terra Nova testing, beginning on Monday, April 8.  We should be able to complete the majority of the testing by Friday, April 12, and the following Monday and Tuesday will be used to complete some minor portions. 

 Parents, it is critical that you make every effort to have your child in school, on time, well rested and having had a good breakfast.  Some of the tests are quite long, with minor breaks, and the entire morning is needed.  Also, unless your child is ill, you want him/her to test in the group environment.  It is actually a better format since there are no interruptions throughout the school and your child will probably do better than having to make up the test at a later time.

 PITT MOBILE SCIENCE LAB:  Students in grades 4 through 8 will participate in one of the University of Pittsburgh science lab programs on Wednesday, April 10.  We will adjust testing to accommodate the lab.

 FIRST EUCHARIST PREPARATION:  The final evening of preparation for First Eucharist for second grade families will be held on Thursday, April 18, in the school gym at 7:00 p.m.   The second grade retreat will be at the church, during school hours, on Friday, April 26.  The traditional celebration of First Eucharist is Sunday, May 5, and the family centered celebration is May 12.

CALLING ALL FAMILIES:  As you know, many schools have, in addition to tuition, an annual fundraising quota assessed – some as high as $500 or more per family.  We do not have these hidden costs, but we must maintain a certain level of fundraising income to balance our budget.  EVERYONE needs to support the few events that actually come directly into our budget and this is an easy way for you to do so.

 Our annual Night at the Races is Saturday, April 20, in the school gym.  Admission is only $10/person and this includes refreshments.  It’s a fun evening and a good time to gather a few friends and enjoy an evening away from the kids. 

 If you can’t come, your support is still needed.  Every race has 10 horses and 10 jockeys.  For $10, you can sponsor either a horse or a jockey for a race.  If your horse or jockey wins, you will receive the race prize of $50.  This is a very easy way to support the evening and you can also sell these positions to friends and family.  (I just want to mention that at a recent neighboring school’s Night, they were able to sell 4 horses and 4 jockeys for every race.  With everyone’s effort, we can do at least half that!)   PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL!!!!!  I hope all of our families will either be there or listed in the program for horses and jockeys.

 One final way you can support the event… if you have a business or work for a company who supports charities, the form also can be used to place an ad in our program.  

 CELEBRATING KATIE:  As you know by now, Mrs. Grella will not be returning as DRE for next year.  She will become a full time mom to Annemarie, Molly, and the soon expected new baby.  She has been a wonderful partner to the school and will be dearly missed.  Katie will be recognized at the 4 p.m. Mass on Saturday, April 27, and a reception will follow at the school.  Please remember all the wonderful things she has done for the school children and join us as we say thank you to her.  You will receive an RSVP flyer in the next few weeks so that we can plan for a pasta dinner after Mass.  

 CONGRATULATIONS:  Our varsity girls won the recent Saint Katharine Drexel Tournament!  And, both of our varsity teams made it into the season playoffs.  Thank you, coaches, board, and parents, who worked hard to make the season successful.  And, many of you will continue to work right through track!

 Also, our Forensics Team had a great year, including a First Place win for the Multiple Reading Team at All Stars.  Thank you, Mrs. Jackson. 

 Have a blessed Easter,

 Mrs. J